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1.What is A-1 diplomatic visa?
 The A-1 diplomatic visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign officers of permanent diplomatic missions or consular posts to enter into the U.S. and engage in official activities.

2. Who are eligible for A-1 visa?
 Persons eligible for A-1 visa include:
    Officers of permanent diplomatic missions or consular posts in the U.S., such as ambassadors, public ministers, career diplomats, or consular officers
    Visiting high-level officials of a foreign state, such as the head of state, cabinet members, legislative leaders, and top judicial officers representing their national government
    Representatives of all foreign states that have formal diplomatic ties with the U.S. and are recognized de jure
    Representatives from foreign states, with whom diplomatic ties are severed, could be eligible under this classification, if an exchange of representatives such as interest sections in the embassy of a third world country continues
    Immediate family members of the principal A-1 diplomatic visa holders

3.What privileges do I enjoy on A-1 visa?
 The privileges that you are entitled to on A-1 visa are:
    You cannot be tried by the U.S. laws for any crime
    You can travel throughout the U.S. and outside the U.S. unlimited times
    Fast processing of the visa
 Note: The above rules are subject to a host of exceptions and additional privileges pursuant to a plethora of tax treaties between the U.S. and individual foreign governments.

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