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Here, you will find many of most common immigration questions.

1.What is K-2 visa?
2. How do I qualify for K2 visa?
3.What privileges do I enjoy on K-2 visa?
4.What are the limitations of K-2 visa?
5.How long can children of K1 stay on K-2 visa?
6.Can I extend my stay on K-2 status?
7.Can I study on K-2 visa?
8. Can I work on K-2 visa?
9. What are the documents required for K-2 visa?
10. Am I required to have my own passport to apply for K-2 visa?
11. Do I have to attend an interview at the American Consulate to get K-2 visa?
12. Do I have to enter the U.S. on K-2 visa at the same time as my K-1 parent?
13.When can I apply for adjustment of status from K-2 status?
14.How do I file for removal of conditions on K-2 status?
15.When can I apply for U.S. citizenship if I entered the country on K-2 visa?
16.How can I open a bank account or file income tax returns on K-2 status?

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K-2 Visa
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