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J-2 Visa - Frequently Asked Questions


What are the specifications for the photograph to be submitted along with my J2 visa application?

The photographs to be submitted with the J2 visa application should be:

  • Unmounted, printed on thin paper, glossy and unretouched
  • Showing full face, with no glasses. Your head should be bare unless you are wearing a headdress as required by a religious order to which you belong
  • Not larger than 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches, with the distance from the top of the head to just below the chin about 1 1/4 inches
  • Having your name lightly printed on the back of each photograph with a pencil

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What should I communicate through the cover letter for J-2 visa work authorization?

The cover letter addressed USCIS should be brief and clearly state that the money earned by you will be used to support yourself and not be used to support the J-1 student or scholar.


What is the processing time for J-2 visa?

While processing time will vary according to case load, The J-2 visa is generally issued within 30 days from the day the application is made.

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