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Here, you will find many of most common immigration problems.

1. Why are medical exams needed?
2. What do immigration medical exams include?
3. Who has to have a medical exam?
4. What if I am pregnant?
5. What are the vaccination requirements?
6. What if vaccinations are contrary to my religious beliefs or moral convictions?
7. What happens after the medical exam?
8. Who gives the medical exam?
9.How do I find a designated Civil Surgeon in my area of the U.S.?
10. How do I find a Panel Physician if I am applying from overseas?
11. Who pays for the medical examination?
12. What form is needed for the medical examination?
13. Is anything else needed for the medical examination?
14. What is a ‘medical waiver’ and what does it do?
What are ‘medical grounds of inadmissibility’?
16. Are all physical or mental disorders considered ‘medically-related grounds of ineligibility’?
17. What happens if I have a physical or mental disorder with associated harmful behavior?
18. What happens if the Civil Surgeon or Panel Physician finds a health problem during the medical examination?
19. What is a ‘communicable disease of public health significance’?
20. How can I apply for a medical waiver?
21. What happens if I test positive for HIV?
22. How do Civil Surgeons and Panel Physicians determine drug abuse or addictions?

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