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Replace I-94 or I-95 Form - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for a replacement of a nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Travel Document if the original is lost, stolen or mutilated?

If you are applying to replace a lost, stolen or mutilated Arrival and Departure Record, Form I-94 or Crewman’s Landing Permit, Form I-95, you must file Form I-102, Application for Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival - Departure Document, with the USCIS office having jurisdiction over where you are temporarily located.

If the I-94 or I-95 Form was lost or stolen, submit a copy of the original I-94 Form. If you do not have a copy of your original Form I-94, please submit a copy of the biographic/photo page from your passport and a copy of the passport page that was stamped by a border inspector when you entered the country. If you cannot submit any evidence of your legal admission to the U.S., please submit a full explanation and proof of your identity.

Note: Prior to departing the area, review the class of admission and period of admission recorded on the admission stamp. The information transcribed on the I-94 Form at the port-of-entry is the basis for all further immigration-related activity in which you may engage while in the U.S. Benefit agencies, specifically the Social Security Administration, make decisions based on the hand-written endorsement recorded on the Form I-94.

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How do I correct an Arrival-Departure Record reflecting an incorrect admission classification, biographical information or period of admission?

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will review and issue the necessary documents to remedy errors recorded on the Arrival-Departure Record at the time of entry to the U.S. relating to improper nonimmigrant classification, inaccurate biographical information or incorrect period of admission, if appropriate.

Any designated deferred inspection location or CBP office located within an international airport should be able to assist you, regardless of where the actual document was issued. In many instances, the location of your final destination where the discrepancy will be resolved may not be the port of your first arrival into the U.S. Travelers are encouraged to contact sites not located within an international airport to establish an appointment, if necessary. Mail-in procedures are not available.

Currently, there is not an approved form to request the correction of inaccurate information recorded on the I-94 or I-95 Form at the time of entry into the U.S. You will need to bring the questionable I-94 or I-95 Form and documentation to support the claim that the form was not properly annotated. For example, present a passport and visa to justify an incorrect visa classification or an approved petition to support an incorrect admission period. A fee will not be assessed.

The CBP offices within the international airports and deferred inspection locations are only authorized to correct errors that occurred at the time of arrival. Requests to replace the I-94 or I-95 Form that has been lost, stolen or mutilated must be filed with USCIS. Authorized stays that were limited at the port of first arrival by supervisory authorization as noted on the reverse side of the I-94 Form will not be corrected. Under these circumstances, you will be required to file Form I-539 with USCIS.

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