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D-1 Visa - Frequently Asked Questions


Where should I submit my D-1 visa application?

You should submit your D-1 visa application in the American Consular office where you reside.


Can I obtain a crew list visa?

For a crew list visa the master or agent of any vessel arriving in the U.S. should fill in Form I-418 which lists the names of all crewmembers who do not have individual visas or alien registration cards.

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Can I apply for Green Card while on D-1 visa?

No, you may not apply for a Green Card while on D-1 visa.


What additional or necessary information is applicable for D-1 visa holder?

  • A crew list visa is obtained by filling out Form I-418 in duplicate. The copy of Form I-418 should be filled in completely with columns 4 and 5 completed. Completed forms will be accepted even if the captain has not signed them
  • If the vessel plans to make two or more calls in the U.S, you should submit an additional copy of Form I-418 for each entry into the U.S. If additional crewmen are signed on after the original list is issued visas, a supplemental crew list should be prepared and submitted
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