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Affidavit Of Support - Frequently Asked Questions


Which income line from the federal tax return is used for income determination?

The line for gross (total) income on IRS Forms 1040 (line 22 in 1996) and 1040A (line 14 in 1996) is used to determine income. The line for adjusted gross income is used for persons filing IRS Form 1040 EZ (line 4 in 1996).


What other evidence of income will be accepted if U.S. Federal income tax returns were not required?

Copies of foreign income tax returns or other evidence of income from foreign employment can be accepted as evidence of income in certain circumstances.

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How are assets used to demonstrate ability to sponsor an immigrant?

If a sponsor does not have sufficient income to meet the income requirement for the number of persons supported, he or she may list assets which are readily convertible to cash within one year for support of the sponsored immigrants. To qualify, the net worth of these assets needs to be five times the difference between the sponsor's income and the poverty line for the sponsor's household size.


What assets can be used?

Any type of asset can be used if it is readily convertible to cash within a year. Liquid assets such as savings deposits, stocks, bonds, and certificates of deposit will be viewed most favorably because they would be most accessible for the support of sponsored immigrants. Other assets, such as property, may also be acceptable if they can be sold within a year.

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